Epiphany: A SOULution For Racism

Written, Produced, and Directed by: Ty Fellenberg
Release Date: TBA

"Epiphany: A 'Soul-ution' For Racism" is a film that exposes the underlying power structure that fosters the maltreatment of the Black Community in America. It will identify the origins of racism and the reason for its existence.

Then, as we take your mind on this eye-opening journey, your soul will receive a jolting wake up call. You will find that the answers to eradicate racism have been sitting, deep within the recesses of your own soul, this entire time. New ways to combat racism will reveal themselves to you and your reality will begin to transform itself right before your very eyes.  

This film will unlock those hidden truths, give you the tools to eradicate racism, and deliver you unto a higher level of consciousness, ultimately, altering your human experience for the greater good. 

What will be your 'Epiphany?'